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  • importance and challenges of ethics

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    importance and challenges of ethics Contents Objectives Introduction The Challenge of Situation Ethics Cultural and Ethical Subjectivism Morris Ginsberg’s “On the Diversity of Morals” Let Us Sum Up Key Words Further Readings and References  

  • Discourse ethics

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    Discourse ethics Contents Objectives Introduction Kantian Deontological Ethics The General Features of Habermas’ Discourse Ethics The Rules of Argumentation Moral Consciousness and Discourse Ethics Karl-Otto Apel’s Discourse Ethics Apel’s Critique of

  • Ethical Concerns in Public Administration

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    Ethical Concerns in Public Administration   INTRODUCTION ‘Ethics’ is a difficult term to define. The meaning, nature and scope of ethics have expanded in the course of time. ‘Ethics’ is integral to public administration. In public administration,


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    PERTINENCE OF CODE OF ADMINISTRATIVE ETHICS The concept of ethics has been a latecomer in the realm of public administration. For too long, doing one’s duty well was considered to be an equivalent of bureaucratic ethics. Interestingly, in the United States,


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    OBSTACLES TO ETHICAL ACCOUNTABILITY IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Accountability and ethics are closely related. Effective accountability helps the achievement of ethical standards in the governance system. Legislative or parliamentary control through questions,

  • Emotional Intelligence in Bureaucracies

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    Emotional Intelligence in Bureaucracies “Do you listen attentively and think about how others feel? Are you sensitive to others’ needs? Do you understand what motivates other people, even those from different backgrounds? Are you attuned to others’

  • Separation of Powers

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    Separation of Powers The doctrine of Separation of Powers is of ancient origin. The history ofThe origin of the doctrine is traceable to Aristotle. In the 16th and 17thCenturies, French philosopher John Boding and British Politician Locke respectively had


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    RULE OF LAW The Expression “ Rule of Law” plays an important role in the administrative law. It provides protection to the people against the arbitrary action of the administrative authorities. The expression ‘rule of law’ has been derived from the

  • Droit Administratif

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    Droit Administratif Meaning of Droit administratif French administrative law is known as Droit Administratif which means a body of rules which determine the organization, powers and duties of public administration and regulate the relation of the

  • Classification Of Administrative Action

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    Classification Of Administrative Action Administrative action is a comprehensive term and defies exact definition. In modern times the administrative process is a by-product of intensive form of government and cuts across the traditional classification of

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