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  • Fourth Meeting of the Anti-Corruption Advisory Group

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    Opening Remarks by Mr. Jemal- ud-din Kassum, Vice President, East Asia and Pacific Region March 16, 2001 Bangkok, Thailand Ladies and Gentlemen, Colleagues, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you, and especially our Advisors to the Fourth meeting

  • Bribes and the Receiver of Bribes and Theperson

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    The malaise started immediately after Independence. The Supreme Court decided that the government cannot confiscate property without paying fair compensation. That appalled the socialist conscience of Jawaharlal Nehru who promptly got the Constitution itself

  • (The Frontline June 13, 1997)

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    When Vigilance Awareness comes Can the end of Corruption be far behind. FROM PLASSEY TO BUXAR East India Company was now determined to remain in Bengal even against the wishes of the Nawab and to trade there on its own terms. Its right to trade with the East

  • Religion and Philosophy

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    Religion and Philosophy Jainism Spread To spread his teaching, Mahavira organized an order of followers which included both men and women. It spread into Karnataka via CGM and the great Magadhan famine which lasted 12 years. Jainism spread to Odisha in 4 cent

  • Vikramshila and Vallabhi

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    Vikramshila Sources: Vikramshila is known to us mainly through Tibetan sources, especially the writings of Tāranātha, the Tibetan monk historian of 16th-17th Century AD.   Patrons: It is situated in Antichak, Bhagalpur. It was said to be a sister

  • Bhakti

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    Differences between S Indian and N Indian Bhakti N Indian bhakti comes from the Sanskrit root bhaja which means to share or participate. So N Indian bhakt participates in the divine. S Indian saints expressed their devotion towards god through ambu or love.

  • Harappan Burials

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    Harappan Burials There is a clear absence of large monumental burials indicating absence of kings. The burials of Harappans are simple with fewer grave goods. Only simple pottery of daily use and some scattered objects are kept indicating Harappans


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    OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM   Soli Sorabji the respected and admired legal luminary of our country made some caustic comments about the prevailing chaos in the judicial system of the country while delivering his inaugural address on June 29,1998 at a workshop on

  • Foreign Services

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    Foreign Services Iranian Invasion Causes Darius, the king of Iran penetrated Hindukush and captured Kamboja, Gandhara and Sind in 516 BC. He could do it because: The region was inhabited by several small principalities like Kamboja, Gandhara and Madra which

  • Literary Sources

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    Literary Sources Foreign Accounts Greek Accounts   Alexander left detailed historical and geographical accounts of his invasion. This helps us in understanding the geography of the age and also clearly build Indian chronology. They also tell us in detail

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