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  • The National Disaster Response Force

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    The National Disaster Response Force The general superintendence, direction and control of the Force shall vest in the NDMA The National Disaster Response Fund & The National Disaster Mitigation Fund The response fund will be made available to the NEC and


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      FREEDOM OF PRESS AND RIGHT OF PRIVACY Many journalists believe, as witnessed particularly in India during the last couple of years, that the public’s right to know and the need to expose vice and corruption are superior to all other concerns. Most of

  • Sea Erosion

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    Sea Erosion The landward displacement of the shoreline caused by the forces of waves and currents is termed as erosion. The impact of the event is not always seen immediately, but it is equally important when we consider loss of property that it causes. It

  • Being Ethical in Print Media

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    BEING ETHICAL IN PRINT MEDIA The daily print media is the basic means for the day-by-day dissemination of the news. It is the gate way of elaborate information of the world and its events. It has greater influence on the society. It furnishes news or


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    UNIT 4  MEDIA ETHICS   Contents   Objectives   Introduction   Code of Ethics for Media   Being Ethical in Print Media   Ethical Norms for Audio-Visual Media   Freedom of Press and Right of Privacy   Remedial Measures

  • Disaster Management

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    Disaster Management Uttarakhand Failure Violation of Nature as the Cause There is ample scientific evidence that the Himalayan watersheds have witnessed unprecedented deforestation. Vegetative cover slows the speed of falling rain and prevents soil erosion

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