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  • Emotional Intelligence in Bureaucracies

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    Emotional Intelligence in Bureaucracies “Do you listen attentively and think about how others feel? Are you sensitive to others’ needs? Do you understand what motivates other people, even those from different backgrounds? Are you attuned to others’

  • Separation of Powers

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    Separation of Powers The doctrine of Separation of Powers is of ancient origin. The history ofThe origin of the doctrine is traceable to Aristotle. In the 16th and 17thCenturies, French philosopher John Boding and British Politician Locke respectively had


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    RULE OF LAW The Expression “ Rule of Law” plays an important role in the administrative law. It provides protection to the people against the arbitrary action of the administrative authorities. The expression ‘rule of law’ has been derived from the

  • Droit Administratif

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    Droit Administratif Meaning of Droit administratif French administrative law is known as Droit Administratif which means a body of rules which determine the organization, powers and duties of public administration and regulate the relation of the

  • Classification Of Administrative Action

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    Classification Of Administrative Action Administrative action is a comprehensive term and defies exact definition. In modern times the administrative process is a by-product of intensive form of government and cuts across the traditional classification of

  • Delegated Legislation

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    Delegated Legislation One of the most significant developments of the present century is the growth in the legislative powers of the executives. The development of the legislative powers of the administrative authorities in the form of the delegated

  • Sources and Future Roles of Administrative Law

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    Sources and Future Roles of Administrative Law There are four principal sources of administrative law in India:- Constitution of India Acts and Statutes Ordinances, Administrative directions, notifications and Circulars Judicial decisions Future Role of

  • Nature and Definition of administrative Law

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    Nature and Definition of administrative Law Administrative Law is, in fact, the body of those which rules regulate and control the administration. Administrative Law is that branch of law that is concerned with the composition of power, duties, rights and

  • Administrative Law

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    Administrative Law Introductory :- administrative law is the bye-product of the growing socio-economic Afunctions of the State and the increased powers of the government. Administrative law has become very necessary in the developed society, the relationship

  • Need for the Administrative Law

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    The emergence of the social welfare has affected the democracies very profoundly. It has led to state activism. There has occurred a phenomenal increase in the area of sate operation; it has taken over a number of functions, which were previously left to

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