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  • Corruption is damaging the image of the country

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     Corruption is damaging the image of the country India ranks as one of the most corrupt nations in the world, ranking 72 out of 91 in the Corruption Perception Index Of Transparency International a Berlin based NGO. The full index may be seen below:  

  • Behind every corrupt man there is a greedy family.

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    “Behind every corrupt man there is a greedy family.”   Criminals entering politics followed as a national phenomenon since politicians were using them to gain power. They earlier captured the booths for politicians now they themselves are in power.

  • Origin of Rajputs – Additional Theories

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    Origin of Rajputs – Additional Theories Foreign Descent – Colonial Version Todd, Smith etc. believe that Rajputs were descendants of Huns, Sakas, Kushanas etc. They point to their war likeness, condition of women, importance of horse and

  • Central Administration

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    Central Administration The king had a council of ministers which was hereditary and comprised mostly of brahmans. Sometimes the king used to appoint yuvraj and both ruled for some time together because the reigns of some Chola kings overlap. Inscriptions tell

  • Kharvela

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    Kharvela (100 BC) Kalinga had been a core area under the Mauryan empire and his emergence is an example of secondary state formation. Kharvela patronized Jainism as against Buddhism of Mauryans. His Hathigumpha inscription (although damaged at many places

  • Spread of Corruption at Various Levels

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    Spread of Corruption at Various Levels When the country attained independence in 1947, the bureaucracy that we inherited from the pre-independence era was considered to be extremely efficient, disciplined and fully devoted to fulfill their responsibilities

  • Politico-Administrative Life

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    Politico-Administrative Life Harappan Culture Political System Some scholars have argued that Harappan cities were autonomous cities or city states. It doesn’t carry much weight though given the essential differences in the concept of planning of the

  • Training Module on Combating Corruption

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    Training Module on Combating Corruption – Non DLM   INTRODUCTION   This module on Combating Corruption has been developed by the Training Division, Deptt. of Personnel & Training, Govt. of India in collaboration with the Institute of

  • Performance Problems /Training Needs

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    PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS/TRAINING NEEDS   It is essential to establish that there is a performance problem, which necessitates this training module and will result in corrective measures leading to the performance level going up. In this context there is

  • Chiraw

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    Chiraw Folk Dance of Mizoram It employs a grid of bamboo poles in its performance. The dancers move by stepping alternately in and out of the pairs of horizontal bamboos. They tap the bamboos open and closed in rhythmic beats. The dancers step in and out of

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