indo usa nuclear agreement issues

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-By : RAMBABU PALADUGU (La Excellence IAS) and also teaches in vajiram Delhi


indo usa nuclear agreement issues
Technical and commercial viability
Liability issues
A)Suppliers liability
B)suiability for damages
C) section 17B and 46 of liability law
D) situation in America – price Anderson act 1957
Nuclear material track
King and accounting arrangements
EnR technology transver
Entry into

Wassennar agreement
Australia group
What is the breakthrough understanding ?
India nuclear journey
Developing a peaceful nuclear program 1947 to 1974
Slow path towards weaponisation – 1974 to 1998
India as a declared nuclear power 1998 to the present

Indo USA nuclear cooperation agreement
Henry J Hyde United States – India peaceful atomic energy cooperation act
of 2006.
Section 123 of United States atomic energy act of 1954 titled cooperation
with other nations establishes an agreement for cooperation as a
prerequisite for nuclear deals between US and other countries . In this, the
country shall commit to a set of 9 commitments. One among that is full
scope safeguards and India is exempted from that trough Hyde act.
IAEA India specific safeguards and additional protocol
NSG waiver
U.S. India nuclear cooperation approval and non
proliferation enhancement act

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