Introduction to Indian polity -II

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Introduction to Indian polity -II

Introduction to Indian polity -II

Regulating Act – 1773

  • According to this Act The East India Company was put under direct control of British parliament.
  • The concept of Governor General was  established.
  • The first governor general was Warren Hastings under which the presidencies of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras came.
  • Earlier He was Governor of Bengal.
  • A supreme court was also established in calcutta.


Pitts India Act – 1784

  • This act was implemented to fill the voids of Regulating act -1773.
  • The motive was to bring better system in company’s rule.
  • A panel of 6 members were formed to complete this motive.


Charter Act-1793

  • According to this act the courts were given authority to interpret Rules & Regulations.
  • The main points and issues of previous acts were also consolidated in this Act.

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Charter Act-1813

  • The monopolistic nature of East India Company came to an end.
  • The three councils of Madras,Bombay and Calcutta were empowered.
  • The christian religion was allowed to spread in India by christian missionaries.
  • The Local bodies were allowed to impose tax.

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Charter Act-1833

  • By this Act for the first time the Governor General’s government was known as ‘Government of India’.
  • The Governor General’s council was known as ‘Indian council’.
  • They were given vast powers.
  • They were empowered to legislate for whole India.
  • They were allowed to prepare a single budget for whole country.
  • They were given full powers to collect revenue.  

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