Introduction to Indian Polity

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Important Theories Related to Evolution

Introduction to Indian Polity

Introduction to Indian Polity



  • Polity deals with system of organizing a government to run a country.
  • Polity of a country is necessary for its administration.
  • Indian Polity is very lengthy and complex due to Indian constitution..
  • Indian constitution governs the law and order.
  • It carries basic principles as well as Modalities of interaction between government and its citizen.

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  • Constitution is the source of making law.
  • It consists the fundamental laws and governing principles.
  • The government of a country works on the basis of its constitution.
  • It governs the principal functions of different organs of the government of that country.
  • It gives stability to law and order of a country.
  • India adopted its constitution on 26 November,1949 and it was fully enforced on 26 January, 1950.
  • Indian constitution carried originally 22 parts, 395 articles and 8 schedules.

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History of Indian constitution


  • In 1600 A.D the East India Company was established by Britishers.
  • They mainly traded in Indian subcontinent and China.
  • East India company had rights to trade in Indian subcontinent.

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