Iran Nuclear Deal

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Iran Nuclear Deal


                -By : RAMBABU PALADUGU (La Excellence IAS) and also teaches in vajiram Delhi
Iran nuclear deal
Verification mechanism
1) UN inspectors will have all the access to military sites too.
2) it is described as a tightly controlled managed access..
Easing of sanctions
Weapons embargo will continue for 5 years. 8 years for missile technology.
Sanctions will be eased in oil exports.
Reimposition of sanction in case of violation
Snap back mechanism – some sanctions will be reimposed after 65 days if it
violated the deal.
Decreasing nuclear capabilities
1) Iran will reduce the enrichment capacity by two thirds
2)will stop using underground facility at Fordow
3)low enriched uranium will be limited to 300 kg
Geo politics
Israel – historic mistake
A win win situation
1) Iran US reapproachment. It will redefine the power equations in west Asia.
2)All Iranian nuclear facilities will be operational retaining its right for nuclear
energy under NPT
3) war against Islamic state will be strengthened further in west Asia.
Opposed by Israel , Saudi Arabia, republicans in US congress..

Important comments
Iran foreign minister – not perfect for anybody but an important achievement.
Implications to India.
Positive implications
A) oil imports will be regularised and become cheaper
B) ease of payments will improve. Already India is unable to pay 8.8 bn dollars due
to banking restrictions.
C)connectivity – increases market access to Central Asia.
Alternative routes to Afghanistan through chahbahar port.
North South transport corridor increases connectivity Central Asia .
West Asia may become volatile
Saudi Arabia may try to match the Irans nuclear capabilities and may become
close to Pakistan
India has to balance its interests with Israel and Iran
Preference of the Iran – Iran may give the primacy to US , EU, Russia , China in its
business an pd trade.
What made us Iran to come together?
New geo politics in Asia
Rise of IS
1) Iran is the reliable ally in fight against IS
Need to stabilise in Afghanistan and Iraq
Change in regimes
President hassan rouhani in Iran and Obama in USA
Popular protest against Ahmadinejad in Iran
Public opposition against American wars

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