japan security bill

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japan security bill

-By : RAMBABU PALADUGU (La Excellence IAS) and also teaches in vajiram Delhi

Pacifist constitution
Security bills
Self defence to collective self defence.
It can help an ally if necessary and intervene overseas
Objections –
It can be dragged in to USA wars

China -historical shame
South Korea- disturbs peace in the region
Opinion – Japan s economic rise can be attributed to its pacifist
self defence policy. It appears that Japan is becoming the part of
great game in the Pacific between USA and China.
To maintain stability in East Asia, it is better Japan tries to solve its issues
with China bilaterally.
Why now?
A) China s rise and to counter it in Pacific.
B) Abe s nationalist line
C) USA Japan new security guidelines 2015 – it urged

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