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Articles for upsc

First Category: Social Interest

a) Sarabjeet Singh Death- A Medium to Win Public VotesThis topic is asked by interviewer because sometime before it becomes a burning topic because everyone wants to know that Is Pakistan took Sarabjeet Singh out to the prison or not? because it is the question of the reputation of India.

b) Marriage Is A Social TrapThis is one of the favorite topics of interviewer to know about the nature of applicants I think on this topic if   marriage is done honestly that is without the greediness of dowry or insulting brides family then marriage is a boon for both bridee and groom otherwise it becomes a trap.

c) Delhi Rape Case Justice ?This question is asked by candidate to check its reaction towards social justice and to know about candidate ideas and  mentality.

d) Women Make Better Bosses Than MenThis topic becomes popular in GD nowadays In my Opinion  any human who is hardworking , dedicated and  determined is better boss.

FDI in eCommerce in India :This topic takes our mind towards both past and future because  in past many countries are slave of other countries When there is an discussion on this topic we remember our dependency on other countries On this topic I think if a country take FDI judiciously then it is better for people living in that country but if FDI is handed over in the corrupted politician then FDI policy again took us on foot to become slave

Secondary Category: Economics and Politics-

a) UST Global Current GD Topics This topic is asked from candidate to know about candidate knowledge on current affairs as UST is a company providing marketing solutions to many other companies.

b) Political Scenario In IndiaThis topic is most popular topics nowadays because many politician are trap in stings so we have to give power to such people who are not corrupted so they can secure our future.

c) Economic freedom -Road to growth and prosperityThis topic is  asked by the interviewer to know candidate thinking about economy and its contribution to save us him and his country from economic crisis.

d) Impact of Rupee Depreciation On Indian Economy This topic is based on the condition of a common man .

Third Category: Sports

a) Indian Premier League- Has cricket lost its essence?This topic is asked because cricket is so popular in today’s world and also it becomes a festival for countries.

b) Football Means To India Football is a good game and also football teach us how each and cevery person is important for a team. That is Football teaches us teamwork.

Fourth Category: Technology and Education

a) 3D Technology- A Boon to EducationToday’s is the word of technology . World is digitalize day by day  So this topic is commonly asked by recruiters.

b) Machine Over Man Or Man Over Machine ?– As every work is done by machine in modern days but man have to dominant over machine so this topic is become popular day by day.

c) Why cant we be world players in industry as we are in software As every work is based on software so this topic is asked to know about knowledge of software by a candidate.

d) Aviation require better engineer or managementThis topic is asked to test the management capability of a person. 

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